Choosing the right colour for your data visualisation can either support your message, or make it more complex to understand. If you are just starting with data visualisation, this article by Datawrapper is a great primer on what to consider when choosing colours for your charts. I would also recommend their articles on creating a colour palette or choosing colour scales for your next visualisation.

In this short post I share some of my favourite resources that I turn to for colour inspiration:

1. Colour palette generator by Tableau Magic

2. Colour calculator

3. Colour Wizard

4. Colour scheme designer

5. Kroma AI

6. Data Colour Picker

Be inspired by arts and cinema

7. Google Art & Culture

8. 50 cinema colour palettes

9. Movies in colour

10. Wes Anderson colours

Check for accessibility

11. Viz Palette

12. Chroma palette helper

13. Colour review

Illustration by Storyset